Global Classroom

The Global Classroom Project is a collaborative project between PreK-12 Curriculum and Instruction and ESOL Services where schools throughout FCPS partner with schools around the world. We have identified 5 pathways for a global classroom which include: STEAM, Sustainability, Language Acquisition, Cultural Proficiency and Content Enrichment. Teachers build their global partnership based on a foundation of equity and shared experiences to design authentic learning experiences for their students. Our vision is for students to learn what it means to live in an interconnected world and develop attributes of the FCPS Portrait of a Graduate.

At Canterbury Woods, we are focusing on Sustainability, Cultural Responsiveness,  and Content Enrichment to develop partnerships with a school from Guatemala. Through participation in this project, our 4th grade students develop their Communicator, Collaborator, and Global Citizen Portrait of a Graduate skills. 

We have also made a strong partnership with community members who are active in working to protect and preserve our local watershed.